Most frequently asked questions


The important thing is you mention the original artist’s name. You can use the Track Title and place the Original Artist’s name in the Artist Name field like so:

Track Title (Artist Name Remix)

Original Artist

For example:

Tenderoni (Mustache Sweat Remix)


If things get too cramped you could also use the Artist Name field to notate the Remix, but you would have to mention the Original Artist in your decription:

Track Title

(Artist Name Remix)

An Artist Name remix of Original Artist’s “Track Title”

For example:


(Mustache Sweat Remix)

A Mustache Sweat remix of Chromeo’s “Tenderoni”

In the end, you MUST credit the original artist’s name.

It’s really up to you! But if you need some suggestions you could add:

The EP it’s from:

From the “Woffl Haus Vol. 1” EP

A line for Copyright:

© 2019 Hipkno Funk Records

List the gear used:

Ableton, TR-8S, Yamaha Reface CS

Features or collaborators:

Featuring Yanke Tews

To be honest even we can’t find the key and tempo of our songs by ear either. Most DJs will use Rekordbox to analyze their tracks when importing into their library. Other websites like GetSongKey.com and TuneBat.com can analyze your files, but we’re not sure how accurate those are (not even sure how accurate Rekordbox is).

Artist Profile, and Artwork images are required to be a squared PNG, or JPG.

We’re working on a template for Mixes, but currently do not have an estimated release date.


Orders take about 3-5 business days to process, print, and prepare for shipment. Shipment times vary depending on your location.

If you’ve purchased a PDF file containing both front and back designs, you can print your cards with the following specifications:

14PT Card Stock

UV Coating

Final Size: 2.25″ x 3.375″


Currently we only ship to the U.S. with hopes of reaching more artists soon.


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